Elephant Safari

Price/Tariff (2024)
Price (Indian):- INR 3500 / Elephant ( Maximum 4 Persons are allowed in ONE Elephant )
Price (Foreigner):- INR 3500 / Elephant ( Maximum 4 Persons are allowed in ONE Elephant )
Zones:- Reserve Forest Area (Corbett Landscape)
Timings:- Morning 07:00 AM – 09:00 AM | Evening 02:30 PM – 05:30 PM

Corbett National Park, a gem in India’s wildlife conservation efforts, offers a truly unique and majestic way to explore its wilderness – the Elephant Safari. Riding atop these gentle giants, visitors can experience an intimate encounter with the diverse flora and fauna of Corbett, creating memories that resonate with the ancient rhythms of the jungle.

1. Unique Perspective: Elephant Safaris provide a unique vantage point, allowing visitors to observe wildlife from an elevated position. This perspective enhances the safari experience, providing a closer and more immersive encounter with the natural habitat.

2. Silent and Non-Intrusive: The silent footsteps of elephants make this mode of safari non-intrusive and less likely to disturb the wildlife. It allows for a more intimate exploration of the park, especially in areas where motorized vehicles might be disruptive.

3. Expert Mahouts: The Elephant Safari experience is guided by expert mahouts (elephant handlers) who have a deep understanding of the park and its inhabitants. These skilled guides ensure a safe and informative journey through Corbett’s diverse landscapes.

4. Close Encounters with Wildlife: Riding on the back of an elephant provides a chance for close encounters with various wildlife species. From observing the majestic Bengal tiger to witnessing the grace of deer and the playful antics of langurs, the safari unfolds like a living, breathing tapestry of the jungle.

5. Dense Forest Exploration: Elephants can navigate through dense foliage and forested areas that may be challenging for other safari vehicles. This capability allows visitors to explore the hidden corners of Corbett National Park, revealing its secrets and surprises.

6. Educational and Informative: Mahouts share their knowledge of the park, its ecosystems, and the behavior of its inhabitants during the Elephant Safari. This educational aspect enhances the experience, providing insights into the delicate balance of nature.

7. Scenic Beauty and Serenity: Elephant Safaris take visitors through serene landscapes, including riverbanks, grasslands, and thick forests. The slow and steady pace of the elephants allows for a more relaxed and contemplative journey, perfect for soaking in the natural beauty.

8. Exclusive Zones: Elephant Safaris offer access to specific zones within Corbett National Park, each with its own charm. These exclusive zones provide a tailored experience for those seeking a more personalized and intimate connection with the wildlife.

9. Ethical and Responsible Tourism: Elephant Safaris in Corbett National Park adhere to ethical and responsible tourism practices. The welfare of the elephants is prioritized, ensuring their health and happiness while offering visitors an unforgettable and environmentally conscious adventure.

Embarking on an Elephant Safari in Corbett National Park is not just a wildlife excursion; it’s a journey back to a time when these magnificent creatures roamed freely. It’s an experience that combines the thrill of exploration with the serenity of the jungle, promising a unique and magical connection with the untamed spirit of Corbett.

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